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Dr. Molly and Russ Weiandt

Father Daughter Dentistry

Anderson, IN

Dr. Molly and Russ Weiandt seek out the expertise of Four Quadrants to unveil the secrets of how the firm empowers them to increase their earnings, bolster their savings, and fast-track their retirement goals.

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Video Transcript

Molly Weiandt

I don't think there's ever enough. Somebody asked me that the other day. What is enough enough? And I'm like, "Well, I don't know because I haven't got there yet." I like to work. I love to work. I love dentistry. I love my patients. It's just fun. So the more I get to do, the bigger it gets, the more fun it is for me. My dad was a dentist in town that all the other dentists came to. So for my very first job, when I was 15 maybe, he had me work in the office and I thought it was awful. Awful. He tells everybody that I was his worst employee ever and if I hadn't been his daughter, he would have fired me. And then when I went to college to figure out what I want to do with my life, I really started looking into dental school. Then I called him one day. I said, "Dad, I think I'm going to go to dental school." He was so proud. When you get a doctorate, there's a hooding ceremony. If you have a family member who is a dentist, they get to come up on stage and hood you. I have a picture that I'll always be forever grateful for. My dad is holding me at my graduation ceremony. It was the coolest thing ever. So I was bent down. He's putting my purple hood on me. And then the Dean of the dental school shook both of our hands. It was just neat, really special.

Russ Weiandt


Molly Weiandt

So, I am. I get choked up. It was probably the neatest part about it all, was getting to do that and share that with my dad. We were living paycheck to paycheck like everybody else does in the beginning. So we didn't know how to grow it in a town that was a very blue-collar town post-GM. They pulled out. It kind of went downhill. So I started with my dad and I'm getting maybe one new patient a month. We're sitting, my dad and I are twiddling our thumbs. He's busy all the time, but he doesn't have the luxury to be able to put people on to me. I don't have anybody walking in the door. I'm sitting there. But we had no idea how to streamline money, how to make sure that you're saving enough without feeling like you can't live. We went to school to be dentists, to be clinicians. And if you graduate from dental school, that's what you're good at. We didn't go to school to be financial advisors. Allowing Four Quadrants to be the financial advisors allows you to do what you're good at, to spend more hours in the clinic, which is what ultimately makes you money. If somebody asked me what Four Quadrants did for me, I would tell another dentist that they have really streamlined our life, allowed us to live the type of lifestyle that we always wanted, but didn't know how to get to. And you have to listen to their advice because it's not wrong. You just have to be willing to do it. We would never be where we are now without them. We went from having nothing and living paycheck to paycheck and being worried if one of the kids was sick and having to miss a day of work, to not worrying about anything ever and living a lifestyle that is so comfortable and enjoyable without being out of bounds, and still making all of our savings and financial and retirement goals every year. I would recommend Four Quadrants because they allow you to do what you're good at. They allow you to treat patients, to be successful in whatever terms successful means to you. They don't have one specific business model. They ask what you want out of your life and then they help you make it happen.

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