Client Testimonials

This page features recent conversations with current Four Quadrants clients. Each client details what brought them to Four Quadrants Initially, what was it that got them to join us as clients, what the biggest impact in working with us has been and an example of a challenge they had been unable to solve without our help.

Our Newest Testimonial

"The practice that I had twelve months ago and some of the issues, the problems, the inefficiencies that we had have now all been resolved and now we're in a position to just build upon that and get stronger and stronger."  

Dr. Barry Webber 

Our Previous Testimonial

"I was at a place in my career where I realized I didn't want to make any more mistakes. Four Quadrants has integrity and is easy to work with, I can't imagine practicing without them." 

Dr. Andrew Gilfillan 

Drs. Barry Jacobs & Michael Auvinen
Lakeview Smiles, Wisconsin

Dr. Scott & Gail Anderson
The Gentle Art of Dentistry, Texas

Drs. Esther Pedersen & Sunny Patel
Love to Smile, Kansas

Drs. Todd Christy and Eric Balsis
Berrien County, Michigan

Dr. Larry & Suzy Falender
Indianapolis Oral Surgery, Indiana

Dr. Ron and Mary Bryant
Retired: North Augusta, South Carolina

Dr. Dave & Mary Kay Butler
DDS Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Madison, IN

Drs. Heather & Brian Bobb
Heather H. Bobb DDS, FICO1, Dripping Springs, TX

Dr. Molly & Russ Weiandt
Father Daughter Dentistry, Anderson, IN

Dr. James & Michelle Huseman
Noble Creek Family Dentistry, Noblesville, IN

Dr. Joe and Cyndi Richardson
Richardson Periodontics, Maitland, Florida

Dr. Wes & Tina Booker
Dental Designs of Owensboro, KY

Dr. Robert and Barbara Mattern
Retired, Warsaw, IN

Dr. Ryan and Martha Thomas
Bridgman Family Dental Care, Bridgman, MI

Dr. Thomas & Tamma Kennedy
Thomas Michael Kennedy, DDS


Dr. Jon & Jennifer Erickson
Danville Family Dentistry, Danville, IN


Dr. Ethan & Amber Jones
Galax Dental Care, Galax, VA

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