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This page features recent conversations with current Four Quadrants clients. Each feature contains a video and a downloadable whitepaper that provides more depth into their background and experience with our firm. Each client details what brought them to Four Quadrants Initially, what was it that got them to join us as clients, what the biggest impact in working with us has been and an example of a challenge they had been unable to solve without our help.

Dr. Tim & Tosca Smith (Part 1&2)
Purcellville Dental, Purcellville VA

Tim Smith, DDS, was a man with a plan. For the first ten years of his career as a Dentist, he and his numbers-savvy wife Tosca built a solid dental practice with a loyal client base. He thought that if he could scrimp and save $30,000 a year, he’d have “enough to retire.”

Accumulating that $30,000 each year seemed achievable at first, but as the practice matured and his children became older, it seemed like squeezing blood from a turnip. The Smiths turned to Four Quadrants and they received something almost instantly; a release of their financial stress.

Tim and Tosca recently stopped by the Four Quadrants offices for their annual review to share their experience.

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Dr. James & Michelle Huseman
Noble Creek Family Dentistry, Noblesville, IN

James Huseman, DDS, is a 2006 graduate of Indiana University School of Dentistry. Originally from northwest Indiana, James very much enjoys getting to know his patients. He communicates detailed, honest diagnostic information, and discusses the best treatment options.

Dr. Huseman lives in Noblesville with his wife Michelle, who joins him in practice as a dental hygienist. The couple has twin daughters Aubrey and Macey and a son Matthew. James enjoys spending his free time vacationing with his family and his favorite pastime: golf.

The Husemans discuss their relationship with Four Quadrants.

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Dr. Todd & Beth Christy
Berrien Springs Dental, Berrien Springs, MI

Todd Christy, DDS graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Microbiology. He then earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Detroit-Mercy, School of Dentistry. After graduating from dental school, Dr. Christy opened his dental practice, Berrien Dental, and has practiced there for the past 18 years. He’s also held various Michigan Dental Association positions.

Dr. Christy and his wife Beth are very active in the community of Berrien Springs, MI. Dr. Christy has been a member of the Berrien Springs/Eau Claire Rotary Club since 1997 and is a former membership chair. He volunteers his time as a soccer coach for his two sons’ teams and served as a Den Leader and Cubmaster for Cub Scout Pack 623.

Todd and Beth agreed to talk about their success with us over their seven years as a client during an annual client visit to our offices.

<< Download Christy Testimonial (.pdf)

Dr. Joe & Cyndi Richardson
Richardson Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

Dr. Joe Richardson DMD, MS, runs a dynamic Periodontics and Implant Dentistry practice in Maitland, Fla, as well as a second location in nearby Eustis. He practiced with Dr. Harold Arthur for almost two years as his associate and took over the practice Dr. Arthur maintained of over 30 years in April of 2012.

Dr. Richardson’s practice continues to provide the highest level of patient care by combining traditional methodologies with newer, more comfortable and cutting-edge treatments. This strategy ultimately translates to less time in the chair and less discomfort.

Dr. Richardson and his wife Cyndi came to Four Quadrants in 2014 and followed our prescription for improvement. Joe and Cyndi both gave us a few minutes during their annual review to reflect candidly on the changes we made as a team this past year and what they look forward to tackling this year and next.

<< Download Richardson Testimonial (.pdf)

Dr. Tom & Tamma Kennedy
Thomas Kennedy, DDS, Madison, IN

Tom Kennedy had built a successful practice filled with appreciative patients over his long career as a Dentist in Madison, Indiana. Now some of the patients Tom saw as children are bringing their children to see him. 

But as his waiting room and appointment book stayed busy, Tom and his wife Tamma also witnessed a lifelong expectation begin to unravel: the amount he would receive from the sale of his practice down the road may not be enough to maintain the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to.

Luckily he found Four Quadrants and in his first year we worked with him to reorganize and consolidate accounts, lower his overhead dramatically and accurately predict taxes, so he didn’t have to hoard cash or take out a loan to pay the IRS.

This freed up cash flow that continues to swell his retirement savings accounts.

"It's just been phenomenal what they have saved for us just by restructuring everything," Tamma Kennedy said.

Dr. Mike & Rebekah Glasmeier
First Impressions Family Dentistry, Nashville, TN

Dr. Mike Glasmeier is great at setting goals and exceeding expectations. It wasn’t too long after he received his DMD that he purchased his first practice in Nashville, Tenn.

The ambitious dentist had his eye on expansion and completed the purchase of his second Nashville practice last year.

But under the surface of gleaming potential was a lot of stress. The two practices served two very different demographics, and patient demands were quite diverse. Nothing seemed to sync between the two and he felt like he was losing control of both.

His wife Rebekah was anxious too, as she tried to balance managing the two practices with the needs of her three children, two of whom are autistic. Luckily a fellow dental school grad recommended they talk to Four Quadrants, who could help them “on the practice side, and personal side as well.”

Indeed, we implemented two different business plans to rein in costs and to set their sites on “better” rather than “bigger.” Now the two practices are thriving while Mike can concentrate on two things he does exceedingly well: Fatherhood and Dentistry.

Dr. Bob & Barbara Mattern
Robert Mattern DDS, Wabash, IN

Dr. Bob Mattern is somewhat of an institution in the Northwestern Indiana Dental Community. He had built a successful practice in Wabash, was putting four children through college, two of whom would later become dentists, and enjoyed a fantastic relationship with generations of Wabash Valley patients.

And he showed no sign of slowing down at age 65.

That was 15 years ago.

It was also the time he listened intently to a Four Quadrants’ presentation about retirement during a dental society meeting. As he made small talk afterward, he tried to convince us that he had waited too long to save for retirement.

But we convinced him instead that it’s never too late to try. And sure enough, Four Quadrants reorganized his accounts, converted underperforming life insurance accounts and found places in his practice that could increase cashflow and swell his retirement accounts.

Drs. Todd Christy & Eric Balsis
Berrien Dental, Berrien Springs, MI

When Todd Christy, DDS and Eric Balsis, DDS, get together in the same room, it's easy to assume they're longtime friends or actual brothers. They both rib each other and finish each other's sentences with ease. They've only known each other a handful of years, but they maintain a close business partnership because Four Quadrants has been a part of the transition since the beginning.

Todd started talking partnership shortly after Eric's Dental school graduation. When an associate quickly left the practice, Todd wanted to make sure the next one was the right fit.

As with any business partnership, personal camaraderie can give way to stress and anxiety when bad decisions are made. "I put my trust in Eric, but Four Quadrants as well, to bring him into the fold the right way because they would have both of our best interests at heart," Todd said.

Our secret strategy? Don't make bad decisions! For more detail about this strong partnership, click on the video above or read the whitepaper by clicking the link below.

Dr. Jacob and Amber Grapevine
Dripping Springs, TX

Texas is known for its oversized preferences. And Plano, TX dentist Jacob Grapevine fits right into his home state as he’s maintained his Texas-sized talent for both dentistry and care for his patients.

But with successful practices sometimes come big dilemmas. Jacob sometimes felt unsure that those important practice decisions were the right ones. On top of that, his team of tax and business advisors used the same cookie-cutter approach for him as they did other companies that operated nothing like a thriving dental practice.

Then Dr. Grapevine and his wife Amber decided to hire Four Quadrants Advisory: a firm that not only acts as a CFO for dental practices but also as a personal financial advisor with the goal of creating a multi-million-dollar retirement for each of its clients.

Four Quadrants’ counseling meant the Grapevines’ financial planning and accounting were on the same page. And thanks to frequent communication with the Four Quadrants tax experts, the Grapevines haven’t received a bill from Uncle Sam they hadn’t predicted months before.

<< Download the Grapevine's Whitepaper

Dr. Chuck Reinertsen
LifeTime Dental, Tavares, FL

Dr. Chuck Reinertsen once thought as many Dentists do: the key to earning more was just to produce more. 

After all, his central Florida general dental practice grew steadily since 1979; his waiting room always seemed full, and he had a loyal base of patients. What also grew steadily during the same period was his overhead. 

So at the age of 61, Chuck was at a crossroads: he had not saved enough to maintain his current lifestyle in retirement. His strategy to improve his finances and hope for aggressive retirement savings growth was risky. He was betting that a significant increase in production would fill more chairs and therefore lead to a similar increase in his personal income. All this activity would hopefully keep his overhead in check while he would divert some of that new income into his retirement savings.

While these plans for expansion were exciting, they kept the good doctor up at night. That’s a lot of birds to hit with one stone, but what other options were there? Luckily a conversation with Four Quadrants provided Dr. Reinertsen with a more stable strategy. 


Dr. Wes & Tina Booker (Part 1&2)
Dental Designs of Owensboro, KY

A 2003 graduate of the University of Louisville, Dr. Wes Booker, DDS, had big plans to establish his dental practice upon graduation. He loved dentistry and looked forward to practicing as long as he could, but he didn’t know much about running a dental enterprise. 

After establishing a practice in Owensboro, KY by renting space from another dentist, his patient ranks swelled, and he was ready for a stand-alone space. Was was referred to Four Quadrants as a resource that could help with the sticky details of building terms and contracts. But he quickly realized there were other places he could use financial advice and ended up hiring us as financial advisors.

That was seven years ago. Wes and Tina stopped by recently to go over the results of their time with us and plan for year eight and beyond. They're excited about the future, realizing some of the forecasts we showed him in his first year are becoming reality. It’s created a peace-of-mind that he " . . . didn’t think was possible so early in my career.”

Dr. J. Scott & Gail Anderson
J. Scott Anderson RPh, DDS, Houston TX

Imagine sifting through your company files at the end of the month and you discover an envelope addressed to you. You open it hesitantly; uncertain of what you will find. As it turns out, there's a check enclosed, written to you for $193,000.00! The words “for your retirement” are typed in the memo.

That’s essentially the scenario in which Houston cosmetic dentist J. Scott Anderson and his wife Gail Calvin found themselves after their first year working with us.

The couple carefully analyzed many financial advisors and retirement vehicles when they decided to get serious about their retirement. But they chose to work with Four Quadrants because of our comprehensive approach: that the success of their dental practice is directly related to the dentist’s quality of life and ability to build a retirement savings.

The couple stopped by recently for their first annual review with us and took a few moments to recount how their first year greatly exceeded expectations.

Dr. Ashly & Mike Cothern (Part 1&2)
Ashly Cothern, DDS, Dallas, TX

The Cothern family couldn’t afford to get hurt again. Financial advisors had over-promised and under-delivered one too many times.

They were beginning to think the financial services industry was full of “snake oil salesmen.” But the Cotherns, headed by Ashly, a Dallas-based DDS, and Mike, a public service officer in the area, had a dental enterprise to run.

Life was getting more and more expensive as their four kids advanced in education and sports. Her dental practice had given Ashly ten years of full waiting rooms and loyal patients, but loads of stress from tight cashflow.

And retirement? Well, they had managed to amass $15,000 in savings, but they knew that was a paltry start. Simply put: Ashly was working too hard to have saved so little. They decided to give one more financial advisor a try. And this one was different. Not only would they get on track to become multi-millionaires by the time they were ready to retire, but they could also solve their cashflow problems.

That was three years ago, and the Cotherns were just getting ready to embark on a profitable relationship with the last financial advisors they would ever hire — Four Quadrants.

Ashly and Mike stopped by our office recently to reflect on how their finances have improved not just in the last year, but since hiring us three years ago.

Dr. Mike & Connie Robinson (P1&2)
Father Daughter Dentistry, Anderson, IN

During Dr. Mike Robinson’s 35 year career as a dentist, he had a lot of “favorite” patients. Being a successful dentist in the tightly-knit community of Anderson, IN meant you were a part of your patients' lives outside the office.

But of all the visitors, a bright, focused girl named Molly -- who brought with her a plastic toy medical play kit when she visited -- made Dr. Mike light up the most. She seemed so at ease around the office, enjoyed the staff and was keenly interested in what Mike was up to. That's something you can’t say for many kids.

Molly, as it turns out, is Mike’s daughter.

Eventually, she traded in that plastic med kit for a real set of dental implements and ended up joining her father in practice shortly after graduation from dental school.

But how do you prepare a practice for a new associate and someone who will eventually buy it out? Is it a good idea to modernize so close to retirement? Will the staff adjust to the new direction?

So many questions. So many emotions. Fortunately, the Robinsons turned to their trusted financial advisors - Four Quadrants. Mike and his wife Connie stopped by the office during their first annual client review in retirement to share their insights on the super-smooth and drama-free practice transition.

Dr. Jimmy & Ambre Sisson
Sisson Family Dentistry, Pendleton, IN

Dr. Jimmy Sisson and his wife Ambre opened up a dental practice in Pendleton, IN over a decade ago using the “If You Build It, They Will Come” strategy straight out of the movie Field of Dreams. Like many Dentists, they assumed they could hang a shingle with a phone number outside their office and new patients would come knocking.

And they did!

The family-friendly practice had built a loyal rapport in this small north-central Indiana town, and that loyalty was worth its weight in gold. But even as the practice grew beyond its four-chair capacity, the complexities associated with a maturing practice grew as well.

The Sissons first hired Four Quadrants several years ago to help them fully realize the value in their practice. And after we dove deep in their accounts and found several ways to unlock cash flow and set them up for college and retirement, the Sissons decided to handle finances on their own

Our story does have a happy ending, however. Last year Jimmy and Ambre returned. Their practice had continued its profitable journey, but they needed a voice they could trust as they purchased and expanded a building to meet the needs of their growing practice. They had also noticed a big dip in retirement savings during the time they were away.

Dr. Molly & Russ Weiandt (Part 1&2)
Father Daughter Dentistry, Anderson, IN

Molly Weiandt was born bright and intelligent. She grew up in a loving, supportive family. And the first person who thought her skills and abilities might be a perfect match for the dental profession was her father: Mike Robinson, DDS.

That was a convenient discovery, because Molly wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps anyway.

Mike built a successful practice in the shadow of a bustling General Motors plant during its heyday in the 1980s, but by the time Molly graduated from dental school, the factory output was a fraction of what it had been.

Molly and her father plugged away for five years, but the volume was still not conducive for a second associate. Mike was in his mid-fifties now, would there even be something there when he was ready to retire?

It was time for a reinvention. This meant re-investment. And marketing. And possibly a name change. And new treatment plans. But how do you start? How much debt do you take on? How can you grow and make debt payments at the same time?

Luckily Molly and her father turned to Four Quadrants Advisory. Not only had they planned transitions, but they had pulled off a practice reinvention or two. This father-daughter team for the ages followed Four Quadrants advice and a few years ago, Molly bought her father out completely.

<< Download The Weiandts' Testimonial (.pdf)

Dr. Sherry Jenicke
Brilliant Smiles Dentistry, Cadillac, MI

Like so many dentists, Sherry Jenicke bought her practice from a retiring dentist and had big plans to make it her own. She would modernize, add insurance plans to strengthen the lifeline of new customers, and offer new treatment plans.

Sure enough, her practice in a quiet, northern Michigan town was hopping! Sherry was not only an outstanding dentist but had become a capable entrepreneur.

But unlike the calm eddy of nearby Cadillac Lake, her practice soon faced strong undercurrents. She found herself paddling upstream in a tide of expensive write-offs that came from her participation in too many PPOs. Dr. Jenicke realized that she needed expert help to stabilize the practice.

Luckily, she knew fellow dentists who hired a firm that operated essentially as a dental practice CFO: Four Quadrants Advisory. We worked with Dr. Jennicke to lower overhead dramatically, increase income and set her on course to become a multi-millionaire by retirement. And this all without the need to increase production.

She’s no longer terrified to check her account balances, and she has a plan to retire with an income that’s higher than she pays herself now.

Sherry stopped by our office recently for her annual planning meeting and discussed how we’ve helped her build a practice to last a lifetime.

CLICK HERE to Download Dr. Jenicke's Whitepaper >>

Dr. Stephanie Busch-Abbate and Nick Abbate

Dentistry, Kalamazoo, MI 


Dr. Molly and DJ Sigler
Riverstone Dental, Fort Wayne, IN

Dr. James and Jennifer Peterson
James Peterson Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, Coppell, TX 


Dr. Jon Erickson, DDS
Danville Family Dentistry, Danville, IN

Dr. Jacob and Amber Grapevine
Signature Dentistry, Plano, TX

Dr. Wes and Tina Booker
Dental Designs of Owensboro, KY

Drs. Eric and Jessica Balsis
Berrien Dentistry, Berrien Springs, MI

Dr. David Butler
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Madison, IN

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