They knew all the little things that we needed
to do and look at and from each of our stand-
. We were thrilled at the end.  The trans-
ition plan was right for me, and it was right
for Molly.”

                                                                               - Mike Robinson, DDS

During Dr. Mike Robinson’s 35 year career as a dentist, he had a lot of “favorite” patients. Being a successful dentist in the tightly-knit community of Anderson, IN meant you were a part of your patients' lives outside the office.

But of all the visitors, a bright, focused girl named Molly -- who brought with her a plastic toy medical play kit when she visited -- made Dr. Mike light up the most. She seemed so at ease around the office, enjoyed the staff and was keenly interested in what Mike was up to. That's something you can’t say for many kids.

Molly, as it turns out, is Mike’s daughter.

Eventually, she traded in that plastic med kit for a real set of dental implements and ended up joining her father in practice shortly after graduation from dental school.

What seemed like an excellent idea around the dinner table could have become an emotional roller coaster. How do you prepare a practice for a new associate and someone who will eventually buy it out? Is it a good idea to modernize and remodel so close to retirement? Will the staff adjust to new policies, treatments, and procedures Molly is itching to implement?

So many questions. So many emotions. Fortunately, the Robinsons turned to their trusted financial advisors - Four Quadrants. Mike and his wife Connie stopped by the office during their first annual client review in retirement to share their insights on the super-smooth and drama-free practice transition. To find out more, 
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