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Four Quadrants presents at dental societies, dental study clubs, state and national association conferences. We offer a one or two-hour course of AGD approved continuing education.


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Key Strategies for Building a Profitable Practice and Retiring on Your Terms


Time to get off the roller coaster and take control.

Everything is linked - cash flow in the practice, at home, retirement, accounting, taxes, overhead, investments.  Lacking the right systems and process in any of these areas will throw off everything.  Get off the roller coaster that is your practice account balance fluctuation and take control of your cash flow. The right comprehensive approach will create consistency and predictability, leading to taking back control of your practice and your future.  Manage your practice as the CEO & reduce time spent on the business side of the practice. We will show you key strategies that will lead to more cashflow, and ultimately retiring on your terms.
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Rules for Better Cashflow in the Practice


Manage your practice finances like a CFO.

We’ll teach you how to properly balance dental practice cash reserves, taxes, and income. You’ll learn how to structure your pay so you can minimize your tax burden and maximize your retirement savings. We’ll explain the importance of having an ideal bank balance in your practice to prevent large swings in your accounts and bring stability and consistency. Manage your practice finances like a CFO and reduce time spent on the business side to have more time for patient care.
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How Dental Specific Accounting is Vital to Your Practice


Never endure another tax surprise again.

We’ll talk about the importance of having dental specific accounting processes and procedures in your practice. You’ll learn how monthly monitoring of accounts includes clouded QuickBooks and receiving quarterly tax estimates. Learn how having a more detailed chart of accounts that allow you to control overhead. Combine all these processes to ensure you’ll never endure another tax surprise that cripples your account and prevents you from saving more for retirement. 
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About the Speaker

Casey Hiers Speaking

Casey Hiers presents a program approved for continuing education by the AGD to dentists & specialists at the national, state, and local levels.  At the recent Yankee Dental Congress annual meeting, Casey helped educate and empower a sold-out audience on topics they were not trained on in dental school, the business side of dentistry.  He has helped dentists around the country lower overhead by double digits, increase earnings by 25%, and save over 600% more for retirement, without producing more or changing lifestyle.

"These courses address one of the biggest challenges that dentists will face—the business side of dentistry. We'll teach you how to maximize the profitability of your practice and avoid the problem areas that get in the way. It's not about producing more, buying a shiny new machine, changing the way you practice, or lowering your standard of living." —Casey Hiers, Director of National Sales, Four Quadrants.