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Four Quadrants Advisory Stacy Phillips

Stacy Phillips, CFP®, CLTC

Director of Financial Planning

Stacy provides a wealth of knowledge in financial planning, insurance, and business operations to the planning team at Four Quadrants. He enjoys working directly with clients on a daily basis to help them make solid planning decisions and secure their financial future.

Four Quadrants Advisory Kal Owen

Kal Owen

Associate Financial Planner

After graduating from Ball State University, Kal worked in business operations before finding a passion for financial planning. Kal is an analytical person by nature and genuinely enjoys putting together the puzzle that is a comprehensive financial plan that fits each and every unique lifestyle and situation.

Four Quadrants Advisory Joel Koon

Joel Koon

Associate Financial Planner

Following graduation from the accounting program at the Kelley School of Business, Joel worked in the accounting and finance spheres trying to find his niche. Joel eventually became a finance manager and it was in this role that he found his love for finance and financial planning.

Four Quadrants Advisory Jalyn Crittenden

Jalyn Crittenden

Associate Financial Planner

Having completed his Bachelor's Degree in Economics at DePauw University, Jalyn immediately immersed himself in the financial planning industry. His recent success in passing the CFP exam paves the way for him to receive his designation in June 2024 officially. Jalyn eagerly anticipates utilizing his extensive knowledge and expertise to empower clients to achieve long-term financial prosperity.

Four Quadrants Advisory Austin Hooker

Austin Hooker

Paraplanner, Analyst

Austin attended Indiana University and graduated in 2018. He’s thrilled to apply his meticulous problem-solving abilities and his passion for being client-focused as an associate financial analyst for Four Quadrants and their large and unique client base.

Four Quadrants Advisory Will Chrisman

Will Chrisman

Paraplanner, Analyst

Hailing from Auburn, IN, Will proudly completed his education at Saint Francis in Fort Wayne. During his time there, he thrived on a football scholarship, earning NAIA All-American accolades and contributing to the triumph of both national championship teams. With great enthusiasm, he eagerly anticipates engaging with and addressing the needs of Four Quadrants' esteemed clientele.

Four Quadrants Advisory Lucas Kozlowski

Lucas Kozlowski

Financial Planning Intern

Currently in his final semester at Butler University, Lucas, a finance student, is excited to immerse himself in the financial world following graduation. Lucas integrates his attention to detail and teamwork, which he credits to playing football at the university, to his financial studies and work.

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