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Four Quadrants Advisory Stacy Phillips

Stacy Phillips, CFP©, CLTC


Stacy provides a wealth of knowledge in financial planning, insurance, and business operations to the planning team at Four Quadrants. He enjoys working directly with clients on a daily basis to help them make solid planning decisions and secure their financial future.

Four Quadrants Advisory Will Taylor

Will Taylor, MBA

Financial Planner, Analyst

Will is a self-proclaimed “numbers nerd”. With a background in personal financial advising, he understands how clients benefit from regaining control of their finances so they can build a rock-solid foundation for retirement. He is driven to always find areas of opportunity in our clients’ practice as well as in their personal investing.

Four Quadrants Advisory Josh Lovold

Josh Lovold

Implementation Specialist

If you and your practice are lucky to join the Four Quadrants family, Josh will be one of the first people you work with. By working with the planning team, he coordinates the steps for our clients to follow that will take them to the next level of success. You could say he is the friendly taskmaster.


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