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Ep23: The Do's and Don'ts of Dental Transitions with Dr. Joe Richardson

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On today's episode of The Millionaire Dentist podcast, we will hear about and discuss two real-life tales of dental practice transitions. One that went great and one that had its challenges. To help us do that we talk to one of Four Quadrant's long-time clients, Dr. Joe Richardson. Dr. Richardson hails from the sunshine state where he owns and operates two very successful periodontal practices. In our conversation, Joe gives us some great insights from the two transitions that he has done over the years. 

Some of the questions we ask him:

  • Why you would want to purchase a practice?
  • How do you pick a broker? Do you even need a broker? Who does the broker work for?
  • What could change the value of a practice?
  • Is staff retention important?
  • When do you start making changes within the new practice?
  • How important is goodwill?
  • To you, what makes a transition successful?

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