Joel Koon

After completing his studies in the accounting program at the prestigious Kelley School of Business, Joel embarked on a career in both the accounting and finance fields, determined to discover his true calling. It was during his tenure as a finance manager that Joel's passion for finance and financial planning truly blossomed.
Joel loves to applying knowledge for the betterment of the clients.

Although Joel hails from the small town of Mooresville, IN, his family instilled in him a deep-rooted tradition of being an Ohio State fan. Go Buckeyes! When he's not busy applying his expertise and knowledge to benefit his clients, Joel can be found indulging in his favorite pastimes of bowling, golfing, and building computers. In his free time, he enjoys spending quality moments with his girlfriend and two adorable cats. A fascinating tidbit about Joel is that he dedicated three years to learning Russian. Очень Приятно познакомиться! (It’s very nice to make your acquaintance!)