From the initial call to the moment the contract is signed

Four Quadrants handles every prospective client with care and understanding



We view Our Process as a mutual vetting process, making sure that you, the dental practice owner, and Four Quadrants are a good fit for each other.

After completing our financial assessment, we have a more structured phone call where we will discuss and go over areas for improvement in both your personal and practice finances.

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We then ask you to submit your initial documents that include personal and practice taxes, balance sheet, profit & loss, and more. A call including your spouse will dig even deeper to gain a better understanding of the pains and symptoms in your financial situation and potential strategies to achieve more.

Four Quadrants Advisory


Next, we move onto a custom consultation with you and your spouse. More data is requested and our team spends over 80 hours putting together a plan forward to take future clients to the next level of success.

Four Quadrants Advisory


Once the decision is made and contracts are signed, you'll have unlimited access to the Four Quadrants team of professionals.

Contact us today to start your journey to financial independence.

Four Quadrants Advisory
We have the money, income, coming in to do exactly what they want, and it's really been painless. And they've really set us up right now in a really good position, I think, to move on into a retirement situation.
Four Quadrants Advisory Dr. Dave Butler
Dr. Dave Butler
I would recommend Four Quadrants because they have done more than what they said they're going to do basically on everything this past year. We are beating projections, even just in the last 12 months, just blowing it out of the water already. I can't imagine what it's going to be like after doing this for a couple of decades.
Four Quadrants Advisory Drs. Esther Pedersen and Sunny Patel
Drs. Esther Pedersen and Sunny Patel