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More Client Stories and Testimonials

Still not convinced? Don't just take our word for it. Dive into a treasure trove of success stories and testimonials from our incredible clients. Explore our videos that showcase the transformative journeys our clients have experienced with our services. Hear firsthand accounts of how we have helped them achieve their goals and overcome challenges.

Salomons Underwood Thumbnail

Dr. David Salomons and Dr. Adam Underwood

Discover how Four Quadrants Advisory has transformed the retirement plans of Dr. David Salomons and Dr. Adam Underwood after just 4 years of partnership. Witness their remarkable journey as they not only set ambitious retirement goals but also accelerate their path towards financial freedom.

Habecker Thumbnail-1

Dr. Brent and Kim Habecker

Dr. Brent and Kim Habecker have been valued members of the Four Quadrants family for over a year now, and they sit down to shed light on the incredible positive transformations that can be achieved in just 12 short months.

Pellosie thumbnail

Drs. Rob and Linda Pellosie

Dr. Rob and Dr. Linda Pellosie, a dynamic duo of married dentists, each possess their own flourishing dental practice. They enthusiastically delve into the transformative impact of Four Quadrants, as it has propelled them towards the realization of their visions and propelled their practices to unprecedented heights of success, despite the stark differences between the two.

Butler Dave Mary Thumbnail

Dr. Dave and Mary Kay Butler

During their visit to Four Quadrants, Dave and Mary Kay Butler graciously took the time to chat with us about their journey as our valued clients and the remarkable transformations that have occurred.

Falendar Thumbnail

Dr. Larry and Suzy Falender

Dr. Larry and Suzy Falender reflect upon the remarkable journey of their practice over the past year, ever since they enlisted the invaluable expertise of Four Quadrants to pave the way for a secure and prosperous retirement.

Bryant Ron Mary Thumbnail

Dr. Ron and Mary Bryant

Dr. Ron and Mary Bryant share their incredible journey of transformation, both in their professional practice and personal life, ever since they partnered with Four Quadrants. Discover how this collaboration has brought about positive changes that have surpassed their wildest expectations.

Balsis Christy Thumbnail

Drs. Todd Christy and Eric Balsis

Drs. Todd and Dr. Eric make a special visit to Four Quadrants for their much-awaited annual planning meeting. During this meeting, they engage in a detailed conversation about their business accomplishments from the past year and acknowledge our significant contribution to their remarkable success.

Anderson Thumbnail

Dr. Scott and Gail Anderson

Dr. Scott and Gail Anderson share their remarkable journey with Four Quadrants, revealing how this transformative approach has elevated their dental practice and enriched their lives in the past three years.

Burns Chris Jill Thumbnail

Drs. Chris and Jill Burns

Experience the inspiring story of Drs. Chris and Jill Burns as they recount their extraordinary journey of teaming up with Four Quadrants. Discover the remarkable transformation that has taken place in their lives and how this partnership has positively impacted their dental practices in Indianapolis and Richmond, IN.

Auvien Jacobs Tumbnail

Drs. Barry Jacobs and Michael Auvinen

Drs. Barry Jacobs and Michael Auvinen grace the Four Quadrants headquarters with their presence for their yearly gathering, engaging in a conversation with us to delve into the progress of their practice since collaborating with our firm.

Gilfillan Thumbnail

Dr. Andrew and Jen Gilfillan

Discover the inspiring journey of Dr. Andrew and Jen as they share their incredible transformation with Four Quadrants. Delve into their story of growth and success, as their partnership with Four Quadrants has flourished and elevated their business to new heights.

Webber, Barry and Cara Thumbnail

Dr. Barry and Cara Webber

Dr. Barry and Cara Webber were recently overwhelmed with gratitude as they made a visit to the prestigious Four Quadrants headquarters. Filled with heartfelt appreciation, they couldn't wait to express how our firm has not only transformed their dental practice but also positively impacted their lives in countless ways.

Glasmeier, Mike and Rebekah Thumbnail

Dr. Mike & Rebekah Glasmeier

Dr. Mike and Rebekah Glasmeier share their inspiring journey of partnering with Four Quadrants, unveiling the remarkable transformation of their practice from its previous state to the extraordinary success they have achieved since.

Thomas, Ryan and Martha Thumbnail

Dr. Ryan and Martha Thomas

Dr. Ryan and Martha have made significant progress since teaming up with Four Quadrants Advisory. Discover their journey as they open up about the challenges of owning their own practice and the invaluable support this partnership has provided them.

Kennedy, Tom and Tamma Thumbnail

Dr. Thomas and Tamma Kennedy

Dr. Thomas and Tamma Kennedy graciously spare a moment from their bustling schedule to join Four Quadrants for an insightful discussion on how our services have not only enriched their practice but also positively transformed their lives.

Erickson, Jon and Jennifer Thumbnail

Dr. Jon and Jennifer Erickson

Dr. Jon and Jennifer have been loyal patrons of Four Quadrants Advisory for many years. They can't help but rave about the firm, particularly its remarkable ability to expedite their retirement plans.

Mattern, Bob and Barb Thumbnail

Dr. Robert and Barbara Mattern

Dr. Robert and Barbara come together to marvel at the incredible ease with which Four Quadrants transformed their retirement. Thanks to this remarkable solution, they have been able to embrace their golden years with an unrivaled sense of joy and fulfillment.

Booker, Wes and Tina Thumbnail

Dr. Wes and Tina Booker

Wes and Tina delve into the transformative impact of Four Quadrants on not just their dental practice finances, but also on their personal financial journey.

Huseman, Jim and Michelle Thumbnail

Dr. James and Michelle Huseman

Dr. James and Michelle pay a visit to share their remarkable journey and highlight how Four Quadrants has revolutionized their retirement plans, providing them with a solid financial foundation for the future.

Grapevine, Jacob and Amber Thumbnail

Dr. Jacob and Amber Grapevine

The Grapevines visit the offices of Four Quadrant to share their excitement about the remarkable improvements in their dental practice since partnering with the firm. They also reveal the reasons behind their decision to nurture this successful relationship year after year.

Richardson, Joe and Cindi Thumbnail

Dr. Joe and Cyndi Richardson

Joe and Cyndi recognized the importance of improving their financial situation and discovered the numerous advantages that Four Quadrants offers. Discover their inspiring journey and how our assistance made a significant difference.

Sisson, Jimmy and Ambre Thumbnail

Dr. Jimmy and Ambre Sisson

Dr. Jimmy Sisson, a highly acclaimed dentist with a true passion for providing exceptional dental care, joins forces with his talented wife, Ambre, to reveal the compelling narrative behind their remarkable comeback to Four Quadrants. With a renewed sense of purpose and determination, they are ready to illuminate the remarkable future that lies ahead for their thriving practice.

Huseman Thumbnail 2

Dr. James and Michelle Huseman

The Husemans visit our office to share the incredible personal and professional growth they have experienced throughout their evolving relationship with Four Quadrants.

Robinson, Mike and Connie Thumbnail

Dr. Mike and Connie Robinson

Dr. Mike Robinson and his wife Connie pay a visit to the Four Quadrants Advisory office for their initial yearly client review during retirement, bringing with them valuable insights on a seamless and hassle-free transition for their dental practice.

Cothern, Ashly and Mike Thumbnail

Dr. Ashly and Mike Cothern

Dr. Ashly and Mike Cothern visit our office to share their remarkable journey of financial growth, not only in the past year but ever since they entrusted us with their financial needs three years ago.

Anderson, Scott and Gail 2 Thumbnail

Dr. Scott and Gail Anderson

Dr. Scott and Gail Anderson make a delightful appearance for their inaugural yearly assessment with Four Quadrants Advisory, seizing the opportunity to joyfully reminisce about the astonishing success of their first year.

Balsis Christy 2016 2 thumbnail

Drs. Todd Christy and Eric Balsis

Dentists Dr. Todd Christy and Dr. Eric Balsis make a special visit for their partnership transition meeting, eagerly discussing the invaluable role played by Four Quadrants Advisory in their dental practice growth and success. With their expertise and guidance, Four Quadrants Advisory has been instrumental in helping Berrien Dental reach new heights.

Mattern, Bob and Barb 2 Thumbnail

Dr. Robert and Barbara Mattern

Four Quadrants took charge of reorganizing Dr. Bob Mattern's accounts, skillfully transforming underperforming life insurance accounts into thriving ones. They also strategically identified opportunities within his practice that significantly boosted cash flow and contributed to the growth of his retirement accounts. Ever since, Bob has remained a loyal client of Four Quadrants.

Kennedy, Tom and Tamma 2 Thumbnail

Dr. Tom and Tamma Kennedy

Four Quadrants partnered with Dr. Tom Kennedy to effectively restructure and merge accounts, significantly reducing his overhead costs and accurately forecasting his tax obligations. This strategic collaboration eliminated the need for him to accumulate excessive cash or resort to taking out loans to settle IRS payments.

Richardson 2 Thumbnail

Dr. Joe and Cyndi Richardson

Dr. Richardson and his wife, Cyndi, joined Four Quadrants in 2014 and embraced our path to progress. During their annual review, they graciously spared a few moments to candidly reflect on the strides we have made as a team over the past year and the exciting challenges that lie ahead.

Christy Thumbnail

Dr. Todd and Beth Christy

During their annual client visit to our offices, Todd and Beth graciously shared their remarkable journey of success with us over the past seven years as valued clients at Berrien Dental in Berrien Springs, MI.

Booker, Wes and Tina 2 Thumbnail

Dr. Wes and Tina Booker

Dr. Wes and Tina Booker have been valuable members of the Four Quadrants Advisory family for a remarkable seven years. They graciously visit us to delve into the fruitful outcomes of their partnership and strategize for the promising year eight and the exciting years to come.

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