Meet the Team

We believe that every client has the capacity to retire not only on their terms but as a multi-millionaire

The Four Quadrants team consists of financial planners, accountants, and more who work together to make you more money now.


Four Quadrant Advisory Jason Smith

Jason Smith

President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder
Four Quadrants Advisory Brogan Baxter

Brogan Baxter

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Analyst, Minority Owner


Four Quadrants Advisory Kal Owen

Kal Owen

Associate Financial Planner
Four Quadrants Advisory Joel Koon

Joel Koon

Associate Financial Planner
Four Quadrants Advisory Jalyn Crittenden

Jalyn Crittenden

Associate Financial Planner
Four Quadrants Advisory Will Chrisman

Will Chrisman

Paraplanner, Analyst



Four Quadrants Advisory Casey Hiers

Casey Hiers

National Director of Sales, Host of The Millionaire Dentist™ podcast
Four Quadrants Advisory Ben Line

Ben Line

Regional Dental Sales Representative
Four Quadrants Advisory Chad Tothero

Chad Tothero

Regional Dental Sales Representative
Brandon Poncsak

Brandon Poncsak

Lead Generation/Sales Representative
Four Quadrants Advisory Trevor Salmon

Trevor Salmon

Lead Generation/Sales Representative
Lawrence Ulrich Headshot

Lawrence Ulrich


Marketing, Digital Media, & Events

Four Quadrants Advisory Jarrod Bridgeman

Jarrod Bridgeman

Marketing Coordinator, Videographer, Host of The Millionaire Dentist™ podcast


Four Quadrants Advisory Lydell Hill

Lydell Hill

Professional Chauffeur

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