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Dr. Joe and Cyndi Richardson

Richardson Periodontics

Maitland, FL

Joe and Cyndi recognized the importance of improving their financial situation and discovered the numerous advantages that Four Quadrants offers. Discover their inspiring journey and how our assistance made a significant difference.

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Video Transcript

Joe Richardson

... went through dental school, I realized that there was a trend in the early 2000s where everybody started practicing cosmetic dentistry and every general practice became a cosmetic practice. It just wasn't something that interested me. I was more interested in science and medicine and I got more into the surgical specialties, which led me to periodontics.

I bowled at one of the best institutions in the country and there were players that were significantly better than I was. I could go out and try to grind out and make a few thousand dollars a year, but it just wasn't worth it compared to having a career where I had work to do every day and I didn't have to play defense.

I think initially that people wouldn't start out with two practices unless you had to in order to fill the week. I've always just gone back and forth because as you're getting started, that's what it took to fill the week. If you do well and you push hard into the practices, there's an opportunity to grow and to bring on other clinicians.

I had an opportunity where a colleague presented me with the option of merging our practices. I decided to bring it up to Brogan because I tend to get emotional about business decisions. Brogan and Four Quadrants, they've always been able to be objective and bring me back down to earth in regards to whether or not it's a smart business decision.

Long before we signed papers, long before we did anything that would be messy to straighten out, we were able to use the objective information that Brogan gave us and determine, for each of us, if it was the right thing to do and actually it just turned out that it seemed like maybe this wasn't the right time for this.

Cyndi Richardson

Our last accountant, we just didn't have near the communication that we have with Four Quadrants. We had issues with big tax bills at the end of the year and never had an issue with that since we've joined Four Quadrants.

Joe Richardson

Plus having the accounting team in the same firm as the guys that are creating our business plan and tanning our numbers in the practice, having them all in the same building is such an asset because they're all on the same page and we don't have to rely on communication between two otherwise unrelated entities.

The best news we heard today was that I outperformed the expectation for the year. They set small goals that are achievable and yet allow for me to grow beyond them. My practice has grown to a level that I never thought it would. Coming to the annual meeting and getting to lay it all out on paper... When I'm practicing through the months and reviewing the numbers and stuff, I have a feeling that I'm doing pretty well, but it's not until I come here and I get the thumbs up from Brogan and Matt that I know that I've really done what I needed to do for the year.

I would recommend Four Quadrants because having the peace of mind that knowledgeable individuals are behind your back and watching how your practice going and helping you make decisions about the future of your practice is just an invaluable asset to have.

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