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Dr. Larry and Suzy Falender

Indianapolis Oral Surgery

Indianapolis, IN

Dr. Larry and Suzy Falender reflect upon the remarkable journey of their practice over the past year, ever since they enlisted the invaluable expertise of Four Quadrants to pave the way for a secure and prosperous retirement.

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Video Transcript

Dr. Larry Falender

My dad, he instilled in me to be my own boss. I always wanted to be a surgeon. I spent many summers working in hospitals and the thing that struck me was most of the physicians did not have a great life. They were at the hospital all the time. A number of them were getting a divorce. Around that same time, my wife was studying to be a dental hygienist and said, "You know what? You might want to give dentistry a look at because you could do oral surgery." So I went back and decided instead of med school, I would go to dental school with the idea of being an oral surgeon and everything's worked out. Susan grew up across the street from my aunt and uncle and she was my sister's friend back in the day. And then we moved from Indianapolis to Arizona. I came back for a family function and Susan and I were seated next to each other and struck up a conversation and we went out once while I was in town. Then I went back to where I was going to college and we finally started talking. And then when she went to IU, I transferred to IU.

Suzy Falender

He just asked my dad. I was in the kitchen and my dad was watching TV and he said, "I want to ask you for Suzy's hand in marriage." And my dad said, "You could have all of her."

Larry Falender

We've been married for 37 years. I had been in practice since 1989, in my own office and we were a successful practice. I had a accountant, who was the head of one of the top accounting firms in town. I had a company that did my retirement plan. I had a payroll company and we were just not getting results over the last number of years that I thought we should be getting. I was just another person that they plugged my data in. They offered no suggestions, no advice. And I'd been receiving things from Four Quadrants, kind of glanced at them, but I thought, "You know, it is so hard to change your advisors and your accountant." And just was kind of pushed over the edge on just a couple things that happened. I said, "You know what? I'm going to give them a call. I need somebody who really understands my business." And that's when I switched to Four Quadrants. I've been with Four Quadrants for one year now. I can tell you my experience has been excellent. They understand dentistry. They understand oral surgery. They understand the equipment, the supplies, that we need. But what's nice when I look at buying a new piece of equipment, is that I can call up Four Quadrants and say, "Hey, does this make sense for my practice?" My accountant said, "If you want to buy it, buy it." The best news I heard today was that not only did we meet the expectations they had for us as far as savings this first year, but we exceeded it. We were almost double what they thought we were due. And when they looked at the numbers by the time I retire, it's a staggering amount compared to where I would have ended up with my old advisors.

Suzy Falender

I really like them, personally, because they are in touch with Larry and I. And I really appreciate the fact that they included me. I feel like an integral part of what's happening and I really do appreciate that.

Larry Falender

I sometimes relate this whole thing to playing golf. You need a good coach, even the professionals use a coach and that's what Four Quadrants is. They're a coach that keep you hitting the ball down the middle, most of the time. We're all going to have a few bad shots, but they try to keep you from having many bad shots. I would highly recommend Four Quadrants because they care about their clients. They've helped us this first year. We have increased production, increased collections, decreased expenses and doubled the amount money we were putting away the year before. They are a top-notch company. I highly recommend them to anybody.

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