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Dental Accounting 101

A clear path and steps that you can take toward dental accounting best practices.

As a dental practice owner, you work hard every day. Many folks, from your patients, family, and staff, all depend on you. You know deep down that your financial situation can be scary at times, and what's scarier that tax time? How often do you dread getting an email or call from your CPA or cross your fingers when tax time rolls around? Do you find yourself wondering, "Does my tax advisor actually know how to deal with my practice's finances and challenges? Are they proactively looking out for my best interest and situation or am I a small fish in a big pond?" We know that accounting for dental practices are unique and we understand your challenges to provide a tax experience like you've never experienced before.

Learn how to:

  • 3 Dental Accounting Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Evaluate Your Tax Advisor or Accountant
  • One Technique to Avoid Tax Surprises
  • 5 Steps to Get Next Year’s Taxes in Shape, Right Now

dental accounting 101 book


dental accounting 101 book



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