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Are your practice taxes dogging you? Are you worried that you aren't planning appropriately? Don't worrywe can help.


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Tax Planning and Accounting Keeping you up at night?

You've got a lot of frustrations and questions about tax planning and accounting and you should, whether you've been in your dental practice for decades or just a few years. There are a lot of things to consider, like:
  • Am I planning appropriately?
  • Am I keeping track of my accounting?
  • Why do I keep ending up with large tax bills at the end of each year?
  • How do I know what's best for me and my practice?


Thankfully, you've found a firm that can help. We've handled plenty of successful practice transitions for our clients, and know how to handle it all:
  • Strategic Tax Advice
  • Quarterly Tax Plans
  • Dental Specific Accounting

Every client gets their own customized plan, aimed at netting the most money for retirement, and stability for the practice.

How We Work

It's not just about practice transitions, or practice management, or surprises come tax time, or retirement savings. It's about all of the above. Learn more about our approach, and how we take a 360-degree view of the entire financial picture to help your dental practice and personal finances soar to new heights.


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Interested in talking more about a practice transition? Our experts will help you through every aspect, from transition timing to finances, contract negotiation, and more. Plan for a successful handoff and retire successfully with Four Quadrants Advisory.

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When you choose Four Quadrants, you won't suffer from different advisors handling different aspects of your dental practice. Our financial planners, tax advisors, and accountants are all on the same team, so your entire financial picture is successful.