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CEO Jason Smith and COO Brogan Baxter

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Four Quadrants Advisory Jason Smith

Jason Smith

President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Jason started Four Quadrants after dental clients from a previous financial planning career asked him to start a firm specializing in the financial struggles of dentists. He knows first-hand the financial problems faced by dentists and specialists because his wife is a practicing orthodontist.

Four Quadrants Advisory Brogan Baxter

Brogan Baxter

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Analyst, Minority Owner

If you become a Four Quadrants client, Brogan’s a person you’ll get to know very well. He’s the first person you work with when you begin the initial process. He prides himself on his ability to multi-task and enjoys building relationships with each and every client. He’s most skilled at making even the most complicated concepts easy to understand for our clients.

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