Topgolf and Real Financial Advice for Dentists and Specialists

Topgolf - Nashville, TN

March 29th

*Seating is limited

Fix Your Practice's Cash Flow and Start Saving More Now. Enjoy some golf, food, and drinks. Earn PACE-Certified CE.

Come and join Four Quadrants Advisory, the leading financial advisory firm specializing in dentistry.

This event will sell out! Register your spot NOW for our upcoming dental CE event at Topgolf in Nashville, TN on March 29th.

Many of you have heard of us through a friend or a colleague who already works with us. Why not take this opportunity to learn more about Four Quadrants Advisory, and reconnect with those colleagues and friends while participating in a fun and highly educational event?

During this event, our speaker and expert, Casey Hiers, will delve into topics including:

  • Unlocking the secret to saving $150K per year for retirement
  • Putting an end to tax surprises with better quarterly planning
  • Determining the ideal salary for yourself
  • Having 3 months' worth of accounts payable at all times
  • Dropping a PPO plan without killing your practice
  • Finding the right time to expand your operatories
  • And more!

Imagine what this could mean for you, your family, and your practice. Don't miss out on this opportunity to take control of your practice finances.

There is a $50 Registration Fee that will be refunded when attendance at the event is confirmed. Act Fast and register today; only 25 seats are available.

Casey Hiers, our speaker, is the co-host of The Millionaire Dentist™ podcast and speaks at the national, state, and local levels. He educates dentists and specialists on the Business Side of Dentistry.

"These courses address one of the biggest challenges dentists will face. We teach you how to maximize your profitability and avoid the problem areas that get in the way. It's not about producing more, buying a shiny new machine, changing how you practice, or lowering your standard of living." - Casey Hiers, National Director, Four Quadrants Advisory.

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*Seating is limited. Registration fee will be refunded when attendance is confirmed.


What Clients and Attendees are saying about Four Quadrants Advisory:

"Rarely does a presenter come along who shares content that can help a dentist's income, retirement, and net worth. Casey presents on what they don't teach us in dental school and provides tips for maximizing the profitability of a dental practice." - Dr. Richard Montandon, Coeur d'Alene, ID

"Four Quadrants really has dentistry pegged when it comes to understanding how a practice is run and the unique challenges that dental practice owners face. I almost feel like he was talking directly to me with some of the examples he had of various cases they have seen with dentists they have worked with across the nation." - Dr. Mark Todd, Maitland, FL

"Is it worth picking up the phone? Simply, yes. In my first two years, we have accelerated our potential retirement six times. Numbers that I didn't think were possible. And it cost me no extra work. In fact, that makes my life easier. It's really a win-win situation." - Dr. Brenton Habecker, Holland, MI


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