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Are you a practice-owning dentist? Discover how to navigate taxes, optimize cash flow, and build a secure retirement savings with The Millionaire Dentist™ podcast. Join hosts Casey Hiers and Jarrod Bridgeman, and special guests from the financial and dental industries as they share their expertise. Ready to retire with millions in the bank? Tune in and transform your financial future. Available on all major podcast platforms.


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The Vault Episodes 101-150

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 150

Episode 150

6 Years of Episodes, 6 Years of Change

Casey and Jarrod are joined by the COO of Four Quadrants, Baxter Brogan, to reminisce about the very first episode of The Millionaire Dentist six years ago and how the firm and dentistry have changed since then.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 149

Episode 149

The Perfect Recipe for a Successful Practice

Casey and Jarrod sit down for an entertaining discussion on what the perfect recipe is for chili and how that relates to dental practices.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 148

Episode 148

What Practice Pains Do You Experience?

Casey returns to join Jarrod on this week's episode where they dive into dental practice pains and how they may be the same or different depending on geography and the doctor's age.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 147

Episode 147

The IRS, 2023, and Retirement

New year. New updates to retirement accounts. Jarrod is joined by Sam Neff, Associate Financial Planner from Four Quadrants, to give updated numbers to the 401k, IRAs, and help explain the differences between different kinds of plans.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 146

Episode 146

Is it Time to Hire an Associate?

Hiring an associate sounds like a good idea. It's a sign that you're successful. The problem is that it doesn't always work out. Casey and Jarrod discuss what to consider before hiring an associate and the snowball effect of not doing it correctly.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 145

Episode 145

A Healthy Practice makes Money

It's a brand new year. Casey and Jarrod return from break to discuss healthy habits and the effects they can have on a dental practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 144

Episode 144

2022 Year-End Tax Wrap-Up

Steve "Pipes" Levy, JD, CPA, joins Casey and Jarrod to school them on some year-end tax information that applies to both you and your dental practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 143

Episode 143

Setting Realistic New Year's Resolutions

2023 is nearly here. Have you set yourself up with any resolutions or goals for the new year? Casey and Jarrod discuss how setting quantifiable professional goals can make a large difference throughout the year.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 142

Episode 142

The Gift of Four Quadrants Advisory

The Holiday Season is upon us! Casey and Jarrod discuss the joy of giving and the joy of the hard numbers our clients are making and saving after joining our firm.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 141

Episode 141


In Part 3 of 3, Casey and Jarrod dive into more detail about what areas our complimentary assessment covers. They talk about the final two options available: Mergers & Acquisitions, and Transitions.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 140

Episode 140


In Part 2 of 3, Casey and Jarrod dive into more detail about what areas our complimentary assessment covers. They talk about three of the 8 options available: Cashflow Strategies, Debt Management, and Investment Strategies.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 139

Episode 139


Casey and Jarrod dive into more detail with what areas our complimentary assessment covers. In this first part, they talk about three of the 8 options available: Business Consulting, Tax Planning & Accounting, and Financial Planning.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 138

Episode 138

Student Loan Forgiveness Explained

CPA Steve Levy stops by to explain to Casey and Jarrod what Student Loan Forgiveness is, who qualifies, which loans qualify, and how to apply.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 137

Episode 137

Improve Your Practice's Finances with Expert Advice

You've been a successful practice owner for years but you've reached a point where you've plateaued financially. Maybe it's time to get some expert advice. Casey and Jarrod discuss how after nearly 20 years in business, Four Quadrants Advisory has launched a free Complimentary Practice Assessment.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 136

Episode 136

Is it Time to Get a Second Opinion on Your Finances?

Your dental practice has been successful for years now, but can it be more successful? Do you have a feeling in your gut that you could be making more money and saving more money? Casey and Jarrod discuss how getting a second opinion from dental-specific financial experts can uncover areas that could be improved.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 135

Episode 135

What are You Doing to Get Better?

What are you doing to get better? It's a simple question that doesn't always have a simple answer. Casey and Jarrod discuss how practice owners are working to improve their practice and life and while some others may be too complacent to change.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 134

Episode 134

PR Pushes for DSOs?

DSOs. A trending topic among the dental community. There are pros and cons to everything in life, including being in a DSO or owning your own dental practice. Casey and Jarrod discuss the world of DSOs and how it seems there has been a recent PR push to keep the negative talk of DSOs down.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 133

Episode 133

Get Out of Your Own Way

What's one of the most significant issues when trying to achieve your goals? Getting in your own way. Casey and Jarrod discuss how practice owners can unintentionally trip themselves up.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 132

Episode 132

Real Advice VS Chicken Sh*t Advice

What do you value more: Real advice? Or advice from someone just telling you what you want to hear? Sure, the latter may make you feel good, but are they looking out for you in the long term? Jarrod and Casey discuss how getting real advice from dental-specific advisors can make all the difference.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 131

Episode 131

What's Up with the Inflation Reduction Act?

CPA Steve Levy joins Jarrod to explain the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 and why practice owners should care.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 130

Episode 130

Mistakes I Made as a Young Dentist with Dr. David Rice

Casey and Jarrod are joined by special guest Dr. David Rice, founder of IgniteDDS, to discuss his career path as a successful dental practice owner and how he initially came about the business wrongfully. He teaches young dentists ways to get on a successful path early.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 129

Episode 129

Do you Hold Your Patients Accountable?

Casey returns from the AGD Conference in Florida to discuss with Jarrod the importance of holding your patients accountable.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 128

Episode 128

The Importance of Winding Down Your Practice

Jarrod is joined by Steve Levy, CPA and JD, to talk about the importance of winding down your practice as you reach retirement. Steve provides a list of to-dos that need to be done during that process.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 127

Episode 127

The Psychology of a Dentist

The mindset of a dentist, especially that of a practice owner, is different from every other field out there. Casey and Jarrod discuss the ins and outs of how dentists think and why Four Quadrants understands them so well.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 126

Episode 126

How Penny Pinching Now Can Cost You Millions in the Future

Casey and Jarrod discuss how practice owners think they're saving money on the business side of their practice by doing it themselves or by paying for inferior advice and how that can cause major issues and money for years to come.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 125

Episode 125

Dentistry, the Body, and Sleep

Casey returns from the Florida Dental Convention and speaks with Jarrod about his newfound insight on how sleep can affect a practice owner's overall health and mental well-being.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 124

Episode 124

Crafting Your PTO Policy

Jarrod is joined by Stevy Levy, CPA & JD, and Stacy Phillips, CFP™ to discuss the importance of having a PTO policy in place in your practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 123

Episode 123

The Heat is On!

Summer is here which means cookouts, pools, and heat. Casey and Jarrod discuss things that dentists can do when the 'heat' is on in their practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 122

Episode 122

How to Pay Your Children in Your Practice

Jarrod is joined by Steve Levy, CPA, and Colt Smith, Senior Tax Accountant, to discuss the tax benefits and other positive outcomes of having your child work in your dental practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 121

Episode 121

Work-Life Balance with Dr. Grace Yum of Mommy Dentists in Business

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Dr. Grace Yum, the Founder & CEO of Mommy Dentists in Business, in this special episode to discuss work-life balance and why it is so important.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 120

Episode 120

The Devil is in the Details

Looking to buy another practice or even your first practice? What an exciting time! Casey and Jarrod discuss some core things you need to think about when acquiring a practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 119

Episode 119

Placing Your Bets on the Long Shot? Think Again.

A long shot won the Kentucky Derby this year. If you're thinking that you can save your dental practice by betting on a long shot, you should think again.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 118

Episode 118

Business Personal Property Tax. What is it? And Why is it Important?

Steve Levy, CPA and JD, stops by to give Jarrod and Casey the lowdown on the Business Personal Property Tax. Learn how this tax affects your practice and your wallet.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 117

Episode 117

Insurance and Adjustments with Josh Smith of DentalClaim Support

Casey and Jarrod welcome Josh Smith, Co-Owner and COO of DentalClaim Support, to discuss insurance, insurance adjustments, and how managing them is vitally important to your practice and bottom dollar.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 116

Episode 116

How to Get Out of PPO Plans without Killing Your Practice

Jarrod is joined by special guest Jason Smith, Founder, CEO, and President of Four Quadrants Advisory to discuss how PPO plans can hurt your business and how to get out of them without killing your practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 115

Episode 115

Partnership Pros and Cons

Thinking of adding a partner to your dental practice? Casey and Jarrod discuss some of the common pros and cons that stem from adding a fellow dentist onboard.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 114

Episode 114

Is Your External Team Giving You Real Advice?

Are you tired of your external team only telling you what they think you want to hear? Or maybe they don't really give you any answers or advice. Casey and Jarrod discuss what signs may be out there that should influence you to reach out to a new team.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 113

Episode 113

Dentistry & Basketball

How is basketball like dentistry? Casey and Jarrod discuss the similarities in how both are approached. Also, find out who won the Four Quadrants March Madness bracket!

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 112

Episode 112

Tired of Tax Surprises?

What is a tax surprise? How bad can it really be? Casey and Jarrod are joined by Steve Levy, CPA at Four Quadrants, to chat about taxes and things to look out for to prevent tax surprises.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 111

Episode 111

Think Selling to a DSO is Easy?

You're considering selling your practice. Along comes a DSO with an offer. Casey and Jarrod discuss how an offer from a DSO can be tempting but does that make it good?

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 110

Episode 110

Four Quadrants is Going on Tour!

Casey and Jarrod discuss the upcoming tour where Four Quadrants will be visiting several cities across the US spreading the good word on how to Master the Business Side of Dentistry.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 109

Episode 109

Are You Set Up for a Successful Transition?

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Stacy Phillips, CFP®, to chat about practice transitions and why you should start thinking about them years before you're ready to retire.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 108

Episode 108

Changes in Dentistry

Casey and Jarrod welcome Christopher Howard, a national sales representative for Four Quadrants. Christopher has worked with dentists in several different capacities during the course of his career. He gives some insight into changes he's seen in the dental field over the years.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 107

Episode 107

A Conversation with Dr. Brent Habecker Pt 2

Casey and Jarrod return this week with Dr. Brent Habecker. Dr. Habecker discusses why he decided he needed to change up his external finance team and how things have gotten better since the switch.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 106

Episode 106

A Conversation with Dr. Brent Habecker Pt 1

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Dr. Brent Habecker. Dr. Habecker owns a practice in Michigan and is highly successful. As a younger dentist, whose dad is also a dentist, he talks about how things are different now for people coming up through school.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 105

Episode 105

2022 Cost of Living Adjustments for Retirement and Social Security

It's a new year and yet again there have been some changes made for retirement and social security. CPA Steve Levy joins Casey and Jarrod to discuss the Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) for 2022.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 104

Episode 104

7 Things Practice Owners Can't Admit

While every business and practice may have some issues, some are harder than others to admit. Casey and Jarrod discuss 7 of the biggest things that practice owners have a hard time admitting to themselves.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 103

Episode 103

You Might Need to Upgrade Your External Team if...

Leaving money on the table every year? In denial that you're stuck on the hamster wheel? Casey and Jarrod present 7 reasons why you might need to upgrade your external team.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 102

Episode 102

Is it Time to Consider Future Pain?

What is a future pain? Casey and Jarrod discuss what is considered current pain, what is considered future pain, and what can be done about it.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 101

Episode 101

The Research Tax Credit

Casey and Jarrod are joined by CPA Steve Levy to discuss the Research Tax Credit. This under-used tax credit can be a major boon for practice owners.

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