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Are you a practice-owning dentist? Discover how to navigate taxes, optimize cash flow, and build a secure retirement savings with The Millionaire Dentist™ podcast. Join hosts Casey Hiers and Jarrod Bridgeman, and special guests from the financial and dental industries as they share their expertise. Ready to retire with millions in the bank? Tune in and transform your financial future. Available on all major podcast platforms.


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The Vault Episodes 51-100

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 100

Episode 100

Boring is Sexy

Our 100th episode! Casey and Jarrod celebrate this milestone with a discussion on how boring can be sexy. Listen and learn why practice owners are choosing boring.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 99

Episode 99

Year-End Tax Wrap-Up

Casey and Jarrod are joined by CPA Stevy Levy to discuss a few of the things to keep in mind tax-wise as the year ends.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 98

Episode 98

What's Holding You Back?

Casey and Jarrod discuss ways in which practice owners, and people in general, tend to hold themselves back from achieving more and offer some ideas on how to combat that.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 97

Episode 97

The Spouse's Perspective

Casey is joined by Mollie and Cheri, the wives of two successful dental practice-owning partners. They discuss, from their perspective, how life was before and after partnering with Four Quadrants Advisory.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 96

Episode 96

Financial Fitness

Jarrod hired a fitness coach/nutritionist? Yes. It's true. Casey and Jarrod discuss the parallels between coaches and what Four Quadrants does and how it takes self-drive to make anything happen.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 95

Episode 95

The Inflation Rate and the Supply Chain

Casey and Jarrod discuss the recent surge in the inflation rate and what could have led to this and what it means for the future.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 94

Episode 94

The S-Corp Owners and Employee Benefits

Casey is joined by Steve Levy, CPA, to discuss practice owners that operate as an S-Corp and how employee benefits play into it.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 93

Episode 93

It's Not Just About Money

Casey and Jarrod discuss the journey that many Four Quadrants clients go through in the first few years. More money isn't the only benefit.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 92

Episode 92

Are You in My Network?

Stacy Phillips, CFP® joins Casey and Jarrod to discuss the upsides and downsides of insurance plans. Hear from the experts about how removing certain plans can benefit your practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 91

Episode 91

Focusing on Patient Retention Yields Results

Casey and Jarrod discuss the importance of marketing to get new patients, but after that what keeps them coming back? Working on ways to improve patient retention is a more important goal than dumping money into marketing.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 90

Episode 90

HHS Round 4 - What You Need to Know

Steve Levy, CPA, stops by for a quick update on what the 4th Phase of HHS brings. Casey and Jarrod learn a thing or two.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 89

Episode 89

It Takes a Team. Even at the Ryder Cup.

The most elite golfers in the world need a team to support them and so do practice owners. Casey and Jarrod discuss the Ryder Cup and how that applies to the world of the business side of dentistry.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 88

Episode 88

Fantasy Football and Your Practice

It's Football Season and that means time for fantasy football. Is there a way to connect how fantasy football works to how a dental practice operates? Casey, Jarrod, and Special Guest Stacy Phillips CFP® find a way.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 87

Episode 87

Practice Owner Pain Points

Is there a basic list of questions and thoughts every practice owner should consider? Jarrod and Casey discuss several questions that Four Quadrants will ask in an initial call.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 86

Episode 86

Why Dentistry?

Casey and Jarrod discuss why people get into dentistry and how perceptions shift from school all the way through owning a practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 85

Episode 85

Practice Pain and Symptoms

Casey and Jarrod discuss common pains and symptoms a dental practice may be experiencing. It's not enough to fix it, you need to understand what's causing the pain.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 84

Episode 84

Accounting Alphabet Soup

Steve Levy, a CPA with Four Quadrants, joins Casey and Jarrod to update our listeners on the current news and status of PPP, HHS, ERC, and EIDL.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 83

Episode 83

What's the Deal with EBITDA?

What is EBITDA? And why are people talking about it? Casey and Jarrod break it down and explain how it's important but not the most important thing to keep track of in your practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 82

Episode 82

3 Most Common Stressors for a Practice Owner

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Toby Hampp and John Malone to discuss three of the most common things in a practice that lead to stress for a dentist.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 81

Episode 81

Are You Letting Money Slip Through Your Fingers?

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Toby Hampp, a Four Quadrants Representative, to discuss how dentists are so capable with their hands when it comes to the chair but still let money slip through their fingers.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 80

Episode 80

The State of Things

Casey and Jarrod sit down and discuss the current state of the world of dentistry in how that applies to state meetings, associations, and conventions.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 79

Episode 79

Setting Your Own Salary

Casey and Jarrod welcome Colt Smith, Senior Tax Accountant at Four Quadrants, to discuss what you should consider when trying to set your own salary as a practice-owning dentist.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 78

Episode 78

Breaking the Insurance Cycle

COO Brogan Baxter joins Casey and Jarrod to discuss fee-for-service and breaking the insurance cycle and how that can greatly impact your practice and financial well-being.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 77

Episode 77

Firing a Patient

Have you ever had a patient that you feel yourself dreading when you see them on the schedule? More patients mean more money but sometimes a particular patient isn't worth your time and effort. Casey and Jarrod are joined by Toby Hampp, a National Sales Rep for Four Quadrants, to discuss when and how to fire a patient.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 76

Episode 76

Do's. Don'ts. Practice Transitions.

Buying and selling a dental practice is a lot of work and can be stressful. Casey and Jarrod discuss some of the dos and don'ts of practice transitions.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 75

Episode 75

Practice?! We're Talking About Practice?!

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Certified Financial Planner Stacy Phillips to discuss the hierarchy of needs and how everything starts with the practice, especially practice cash flow and bank accounts.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 74

Episode 74

Why Do People Want to Grow?

Seems like every practice owner wants to grow. But have they really sat down and asked themselves why? Casey and Jarrod dig into the psychology of why people want to grow.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 73

Episode 73

Chicken Sh*t Advice

How many times have you asked for specific advice from your advisory team and received a wimpy, half-hearted answer in return that really didn’t answer your question? These chicken sh*t answers when you need it most can be frustrating and occurs to many dentists.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 72

Episode 72

Preparing for the Next Big Thing

After a rough year, things look to finally be on track but that doesn't mean you should fall back into old habits. Casey and Jarrod discuss preparing for the next big thing.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 71

Episode 71

The Employee Retention Credit

Casey and Jarrod are joined by Stevy Levy, CPA at Four Quadrants, to discuss what exactly is the employee retention credit, its benefits, and how to get it.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 70

Episode 70

3 Common Frustrations of a Practice Owner

Having spoken to thousands of dentists and specialists, we have seen three common frustrations that affect practice owners. Casey and Jarrod break each one down

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 69

Episode 69

4 Dumb Things Smart Dentists Do

Even the smartest people still make dumb mistakes. Casey and Jarrod talk about 4 common dumb things that dental practice owners do that are really hurting their income and retirement savings.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 68

Episode 68

How Your Psychological Fears May Be Holding You Back

Casey and Jarrod touch on the psychology of practice owners and how their own fears may be holding them back.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 67

Episode 67

A Little Spring Cleaning Never Hurt

Casey and Jarrod are more than ecstatic to see warmer temps finally starting to show up. In this episode, they discuss the first quarter of 2021 and what they hope to see in the near future.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 66

Episode 66

Time to Start Thinking About Retirement

Casey and Jarrod welcome Stacy Phillips, a Certified Financial Planner and Analyst at Four Quadrants, to discuss all things retirement and that no matter your age you should start thinking ahead.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 65

Episode 65

Tips and Tricks to Lower Overhead

Casey and Jarrod welcome Will Taylor, Financial Planner & Analyst, to discuss some common ways to reduce overhead in a dental practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 64

Episode 64

Proactive CPAs VS Reactive CPAs

Steve Levy, a Four Quadrants CPA, joins Casey and Jarrod to discuss the role of a CPA in a practice and how a proactive CPA differs from a reactive CPA.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 63

Episode 63

The Multi-Practice Myth

Founder, CEO, and President of Four Quadrants, Jason Smith, joins Casey and Jarrod, to discuss how some dental practice owners fall into the trap of thinking the only way to become rich and successful is to own multiple practices.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 62

Episode 62

COVID and Your Dental Practice Lease

Casey Hiers welcomes special guest Eric Pook, President of Cirrus Consulting Group, to discuss how COVID has changed the office leasing landscape.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 61

Episode 61

Poor Leadership Is Hurting You and Your Practice

Brogan Baxter, 4Q's COO and Minority Owner, speaks with Casey and Jarrod about what traits make for a good leader and how poor leadership can hurt a dental practice.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 60

Episode 60

Leveraging Your Dental Supply Rep to Benefit Your Practice

Casey and Jarrod invite 4Q's National Sales Representative John Malone to discuss ways to leverage your dental supply rep that can benefit your practice. John has over 10 years of experience as a former sales rep for a dental supplier.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 59

Episode 59

What Does the Big Game Have to Do with the Stock Market

Casey and Jarrod along with Financial Planner and Analyst Will Taylor discuss the 2021 Big NFL Game and how the outcome can cause an effect on the stock market.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 58

Episode 58

Why All the Game Stop Talk?

Casey and Jarrod invite Financial Planner & Analyst Will Taylor to help explain just what happened with the Reddit-fueled buying frenzy of GameStop stocks and what that means for the individual investors, the hedge funds, and the stock market in laymen’s terms.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 57

Episode 57

Life is Stressful, Especially Now

Casey and Jarrod touch upon the stresses and struggles everyone faces, especially at this particular time. And how practice-owning dentists or specialists feel it even more.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 56

Episode 56

Let's Talk Marketing

Casey Hiers, along with Jarrod Bridgeman, discuss do's, don'ts, and tips & tricks in the world of dental practice marketing.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 54

Episode 54

Looking Forward to 2021

Casey Hiers and co-host Jarrod Bridgeman welcome COO, Senior Analyst, and Minority Owner Brogan Baxter to discuss what 2021 may bring to practice owners.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 53

Episode 53

2020 Year-End Wrap-Up

Casey Hiers is joined by new co-host Jarrod Bridgeman to discuss the impact 2020 has had on not only their lives but society as well.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 52

Episode 52

PPP Forgiveness: What You Need to Know

CPA and Attorney, Steve Levy speaks with Casey Hiers about the most current information on PPP forgiveness.

The Millionaire Dentist Episode 51

Episode 51

Real Estate: How, When, & If You Should Invest

Casey Hiers sits down with dental-specific Financial Planner and Analyst Stacy Phillips to discuss real estate investments and how, when, & if you should invest.

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